Common Radiology Myths Busted

If you’re scheduled for radiology, the myths surrounding the procedure may very well have you ready to run in the other direction since you believe the information to be accurate. Here, we’ll examine some of the most common myths concerning radiology Edison NJ, delivering the truth your way. Although the procedure isn’t one of major concern, you should be focused on your health rather than wondering if things are true!

Radiology is Dangerous

Relax. Radiology is designed to improve your health, not harbor it. The only way that radiology would harm you is if you were exposed in large quantities over periods of time. The doctor is looking out for your best interests!

Radiology Makes You Sick

This is one of the most common myths out there. Luckily, there is no truth behind it and radiology doesn’t make you sick. State of the art equipment used inside these facilities makes any adverse reactions or sicknesses rare.

A Referral is Needed to See a Radiologist

Although a general doctor is often the person who discovers initial concerns that warrant a radiologist, it is a myth that you need a referral from the doctor to visit a radiologist.

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Radiology is Painful

Many people mistakenly believe that radiology is painful, but in no way will it cause you any type of discomfort, at least during the procedure. The doctor will likely prescribe a mild pain reliever to ease any discomfort after radiology.

Your doctor knows best. He’ll provide you with information concerning the procedure before you go in for the appointment. Listen to his advice and use only his information and you’ll go in with a head held high and a smile on your face and leave the same way, too. Although any medical procedure is scary, there is some comfort knowing the doctor is there to take care of your health!