Dental Implants are the Best Option

Tooth loss is almost inevitable, especially if you grow to be a very old age. Not all people lose their teeth. Some only lose a few or are lucky to only lose one. The problem is that eating and drinking plus the genetic design of the teeth don’t always go together and cavities are the result. Then the cavities can become worse if not treated. Even a few cavities can grow into a serious mess over a short period of time if not attended to by professionals.

When you do lose teeth, it is far more than distressing. Losing only one or two teeth is something that most people can adapt to. On the other hand, losing many teeth will cause a disability and then some kind of help is needed. The usual dentures are less expensive, but they tend to be uncomfortable and feel bulky in the mouth. This is hardly a good, long-term solution when you want the best eating ability with good comfort. You can find affordable dental implants Chicago dentists will use and that is the best for getting “new teeth.”

You may have heard about how there is now a way to grow new teeth from stem cells. It has been successful in many studies and will most likely come out for human use once fully approved. For now, dental implants are the best way to go. You get totally new teeth that are impervious to decay from cavities. It is easy to see how this is an advantage and how it will give you a delightful smile no matter what crowd you are in.

dental implants Chicago

Once you do have the implants, life becomes better. Whereas once you were dependent on chewing with dentures or limited chewing, now you have the full teeth to enjoy any meal.